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Workshop: Risk management and hedging strategy in troubled times: Practical solutions to achieve efficiency and transparency

todayFebruary 26, 2024



  • Harry Knott (Quor Group)


Designed for a small group of attendees, this session will provide a space for best practice sharing, discussions, group activities and benchmarking, with the support of real-life examples.

How to develop a robust and pragmatic hedging programme when you have physical commodity price exposure

  • Hedging mechanisms: What you need to consider when developing your programme
  • How do you keeping track of movements and adjust when purchases are delayed or brought forward, or quantities don’t match forecasts?
  • Impact on PnL and need to re-hedge – Identifying the cost to the business of changes in physical positions

Managing an internal hedge desk: Benefits and complexities

  • What does a centralised hedge desk set-up look like in practice?
  • Impact on operational processes and negotiation weight
  • Streamlining exposures and taking advantages from natural offsets

Written by: Commodities People

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