Rod Hutchinson

Regional Business Development Manager - Americas, Veridapt


I have spent over twenty years in banking, seeing and learning from some of the best in the world of commodities. I am fortunate and grateful to have gained invaluable experience in large and complex businesses through to smaller, successful start-ups, both dealing across energy, metals, agricultural and food sectors. When I first entered the business of commodities a very seasoned professional from one of the largest global commodity trading houses said to me, ‘now you are in, you will never leave commodities’ and now I find myself with the exciting opportunity to join a dynamic and fast growing fintech company in Veridapt. We have a great product and platform to provide solutions for the challenges many commodity market participants face in operational risk. The Veridapt team is also quickly developing solutions to assist businesses and banks in the ever more important monitoring and tracking of carbon emissions to meet ESG goals. I’m looking forward to helping the industry navigate the complex journey of trade digitization and ensure they meet their revenue and ESG goals with intelligent, customised solutions.