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labelAll Posts todayMay 4, 2022

Financialisation in the Commodity Markets

• There will be a growth in “Outsiders” trading commodity markets, who are primarily treating commodities purely as a financial asset • This will be driven by trends in inflation and asset correlations • This will change the structure of the market. Some of those changes can be predicted.

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labelAll Posts todayApril 21, 2022

Commodities & Inflation

This presentation reviews various common measures of inflation and expectations with respect to a broad set of commodities. Expectations for the transition to “new energy sources” are questioned due to global demographic trends and the reality of mineral supplies supporting this transition.

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labelAll Posts todayMarch 5, 2022

Global Commodity Markets Outlook for 2022

• Overview of commodity trading in 2022 • Ukraine Russia war – any observations? • What is fueling the commodity supercycle and how long can it last? • Inflation, labour shortages, supply chain chaos – what does ‘post pandemic’ look like and how long will its effects be felt? • ...

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